Answering for the Whole Female Population?

Dear Zoe,

How do I ask my wife to perform oral sex on me… while I am dressed in my dead mothers underwear? It has been something I’ve thought about for months, since the passing of Mom. Do women find this arousing?

I have worn her underwear before. I now found wearing my mom's old underwear is so arousing I wear it everyday under my suit for work. Do I need help or is this a usual way of dealing with grief after losing one's parent?

— John


Dear John,

I can’t answer for the entire female population but I personally wouldn’t find you wearing you dear dead mom's undies particularly sexy. But that’s just me.

The real question you are asking is how you can coerce your wife into performing oral sex while you are wearing your dead mom's underwear. I had to ponder this question, John.

Does your wife enjoy oral sex with you? If it is totally a necessity to have mom's old undies on while your wife is going down on you you might not be having too much oral sex in the future.

Best, Zoe

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