Hang up the G-string?

Dear Zoe,

I work as an escort and have been in the sex industry for ten years.

I met a man six months ago who I feel very serious about and we’ve talked about marriage. The problem is that he doesn’t know what I do. I told him I worked in a catering firm. He would leave me if he found out I sleep with men for money. The other problem is I don’t know what I could do to pay my bills if I was to quit working as an escort. I pay for a lot of our dinners and a vacation we took together because he doesn’t make that much money.

I’m constantly in a state of fear that he will find out what I do and leave me. Should I just leave him first?

Thank you, Anna


Dear Anna,

This is one of those questions that so many working girls can relate to. The sex industry often keeps us from real meaningful relationships. So we seek other people involved in the same industry who will be more open to our lifestyle choices.

I always say honesty is the best policy. You don’t want to lose your new man, who will probably leave you if discovers you’ve been lying to him while living this double life. His feelings of betrayal and humiliation would be real. You must ask your self. Do you want to re start your life? Go to school find another job that would suit you, or do you want to give up this relationship? Those are your two options.

You already know the answer. Only when you are truly tired of the sex industry will you hang up that G string.

Good luck, Zoe

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