Last Resort?

Hi Zoe,

I’ve read a few of your stories and have been following you. I know you’re a mom. I have a daughter who’s three. I live with my grandma. My mom threw me out because I got pregnant. I’ve started doing dope again. My life is a mess and I want to die. I see no future for my daughter and me. She’d be better of with out me. I’ve been making my money working the street, the track. Its really dangerous and I was beaten up the other day, because I wont work with this pimp. I couldn’t go home because my grandmother would kick me out if she knew what I was doing.

I’m turning to you as a last resort.

— Spider


Dear Spider,

Your story makes me so sad. At times I’ve been where you are now. Riddled with drugs be it heroin or meth it always distorts your ability to see life clearly and the strength I know you possess. You must go to rehab. You can’t continue to lead the life you’ve fallen prey to. Death and institutions are real, and that are you two future possibilities.

Please I beg you get clean. Try Methadone or Suboxone. It can sustain you and take opiate cravings that often make an opiate addicts life so impossible. After you get stable and on a medication or totally clean then you will be able to make clear choices and love the little girl you bought into the world.

Don’t get too overwhelmed and please let me know how you are.

Love, Zoe

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