Scared at Night

Hi Zoe,

I wrote to you a month ago; my name is Marianne. I didn’t know if you really respond, or if someone else does for you. I have a problem. My stepfather has been coming into my room late at night and touching me. He hasn’t gone further than that but I’m terrified and I pretend to be asleep. He gets drunk and I’m scared. My mom won’t believe me, she’ll get real mad at me and kick me out. I have a little sister who I'm scared he's messin’ with…

— Marianne


Dear Marianne,

I gather from your letter that you're young; probably in high school. If this is the case, please go to a teacher or adult as soon as possible! This isn’t your fault and you can’t allow anyone to molest you. If you are right and your mom will get mad, please go to the police. You need to get out of that house because this man is sick and a drunk and I don’t think personalities like his just stop what they do. It escalates until he ready to go through with his perversions.

Please let me know you’ve talked to an adult.

Best, Zoe

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